The Aware Athlete       

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Learn how nature is the

 background on which practical

 self awareness is built

Three Day Life Changing Workshop - Thurday through Saturday

For Those of you who want to discover your purpose and destiny in this changing  world we live in

Inner Strength, Deep Health - Personal Transformation

Day One - The Road to Transformation
  •  your connection to the nature and why it matters
  • the origins of humanity - we are animals of a special kind
  • the meaning, hope and responsibility of being human
  • Do we appreciate our gifts?
  • The value of the present moment
Day Two -Inner Strength and Health
  • health as resilience
  • focus
  • improving movement- dealing with parasitic contractions
  • improving adaptability - dealing with conflicting motivations
  • developing a poised posture

Day Three -Nature  the essential link: nature heals, nature teaches, nature creates leaders
  • Abstract thinking and the difference between technology and self awareness
  • self examination - what would you like to do if you had the time and resources?
  • Individual purpose and destiny
  •  Self mastery and true leadership

Price $ 425      email for availability

Individual Coaching for Finding and Living in Your Purpose and Destiny email for a free half hour consultation