"A Journey Within"

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I am the author of The Aware Athlete book. I am a keynote speaker, podcast guest, and I help people realize their dreams, making what seemed at first impossible, possible. I use the Feldenkrais Method as a main tool to accomplish this.
I also create inspirational paintings of people in motion in the environment. 

I am available for keynote speaking on the following topics.
• Peak performance and Mastery
• Values in youth sports
• Integrity in sports
• The aging athlete
• The power of embodying what you want
• Our essential connection to the world around us
• Awareness the most powerful tool hidden in plain sight

. Self satisfaction and deep achievement
• Healing through moving
. Leadership 

I have done teaching and speaking events and workshops for 10 years. These include podcast interviews, an interview on the inaugural world wide Feldenkrais Summit on the aging athlete, several speaking events at REI including the latest talk on four ways we are connected to nature, talks on health and injury prevention, weekend long running form workshops and demonstrations of the Feldenkrais Method of neuroplastic improvement. You can see some of the topics I speak on in my profile. I have been an ACE certified personal trainer for 18 years, a PTA for 8 years and happy to say that I have been a Feldenkrais practitioner for 4 years. I have been involved in writing for 9 years and was able to publish my book The Aware Athlete this year - available on amazon.com . I help people to discover a powerful mind-body connection that allows them to overcome obstacles and realize their dreams. I have twenty years as a trail runner which I do for personal enjoyment and fast packer. I am planning to hike the entire PCT in 2020. I have overcome my own ankle and knee injuries sustained in a fall from a roof and as I approach 69 years old I can still enjoy moving in the outdoors both running and hiking.

Work with Scott one on one 

Scott Forrester is a Baby Boomer who is eager to give back to other Boomers some of the blessing he has received because of the learning he has done through the past twenty years. “I am a somatic (body) educator and help Baby Boomers learn to move with less joint pain and more ease and power so that they can have lifelong enjoyment of their favorite activities, maintain the highest level of function, play with their active grandchildren and live their dreams no matter what they may be.

  • Are you unable to do some of the activities/work/sports you want to do in life?
  • Have you tried everything including exercise and physical therapy?
  • Do you have increased stiffness joint pain?
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"Shortly into my running career I began having IT band problems...Nearly 1-1/2 years later, I met Scott Forrester...We did a few Awareness exercises  together and he showed me how properly land without heel striking.  Ahhh, so much time  and money wasted on other methods!  After practicing my lessons for a couple of weeks, the IT pain went away and not returned in nearly two years.  I didn't think it was possible.  Thank you, Scott!  You work miracles"  (Bethany)

Thanks, Bethany, but learning is the true miracle.

"I learned how to run simpler with my current body, and how to flow with movement, one step at a time." (Jordyan, PT Student).

The learning occurs at a body level not a cognitive level  so I noticed  immediate integration and change with the experience. (Nicki,  Occupational Therapist)

Scott Forreester