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The Aware Athlete

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  •  What truly separates humans from all other animals
  • The difference between a sound mind in a sound body and the complete unity of mind-body
  • The growth mindset. How to use the unique and powerful human brain and nervous system to your advantage
  • How embodiment is part of being who you are
  • How a process oriented way of doing produces deeper results and opens the way for your potential to be realized in the world. 

The Aware Athlete- Body Mind Unity-

Greater Focus for a More Meaningful

More Enjoyable Life -Less injury, more comfort, improved performance, more innate satisfaction

Get the Building Inner Strength course: get your answers from inside

  • uncover the resources to deal with what life brings your way
  • learn how inner strength is the key to sharing your gifts with the word

Get practical tools to develop the inner resources to handle all of life's situations.

a five week course/you do one module per week

learn to respond instead of react to life

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