The Aware Athlete       

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 "A Journey Within"

  • Learn how The Aware Athlete is by definition the one who claims the prize of self satisfaction and deep            achievement
  • Are you unable to do learn or master some of the life activities/work/sports you want to do in life?
  • Learn powerful mind-body tools that will allow you to do whatever is most meaningful to you in life
  • Learn what is to be process oriented
  • Learn how your greatest gift to society is your own development
  • Learn how the natural environment was the kiln in which humanity developed and learn what part the environment continues to play

Scott is host of The Aware Athlete show on youtube and all major podcast directories. He is also available as a podcast guest and Keynote Speaking- Self Awareness to develop potential is yours and the Worlds Greatest Need


The Aware Athlete- Body Mind Unity-
Greater Focus for a More Meaningful
More Enjoyable Life -Less injury, more comfort, improved performance, more innate satisfaction

Building Inner Strength: get your answers from inside
  • uncover the resources to deal with what life brings your way
  • learn how inner strength is the key to sharing your gifts with the word
Get practical tools to develop the inner resources to handle all of life's situations.

a five week course/you do one module per week
learn to respond instead of react to life